Condemn Attack on Anti-Koodankulam Nuclear Plant Agitation Leaders and Women Supporters

Attack on Anti-Koodankulam Nuclear Plant Agitation Leaders and Women Supporters

Jan 31st 2012 : The representatives of Peoples Movement Against Nuclear Energy (spearheading the campaign to stop the Koodankulam Nuclear Plant ) Pushparayan and Jesuraj and 20 women accompanying them has been attacked by Goondas(hired thugs) inside Tirunelveli Collecotrate compound on their way to attend talks with the Central Government Expert Panel. The women who tried to offer shield to the PMANE representatives have been beaten up and they are in hospital now. Along with the goondas were local Congress leaders also. The police where moot spectators when the attack happened even after the PMANE representatives had earlier warned about the presence of these Congress personals and goondas to them.It is intresting to note that the Central Government Panel has failed to answer most of the questions raised by the movements own panel and whatever answers given were all unsatisfactory. Moreover the central panel and central government has also refused to meet the movements expert panel and have an open discussion. All this while the Koodankulam Anti Nuclear protest has stood out as a symbol of non-violent protest with no violent action happening from the movement. This move of attacking movement leaders is a strategy of trying to create tension and turn the movement violent. The movement has withdrwan from the talks after the incident which gave clear indications of central governments back door working. Protests are happening in tirunelveli and other southern tamilnadu districts condemning the attacks.

Condemn this attack by sending mails, missed calls and fax to the following address
Prime Minsiters Office
fax – 91-11-23019545 / 91-11-23016857 phone – 91-11-23012312
Chief Minster Tamil Nadu‘s Office
e-mail fax- 91-44-25671441 Phone -91-44-25672345
Indian National Congress Office
fax- 91-11-23017047 Phone – 91-11-23019080

The context of the attack and the talks
This was the fourth round of talks and there have been no indications of the Central Government paying any heed to the concerns raised by PMANE and the people. The fourth round of talks have been happening after a long gap with the previous 3 happening on November 7th and 18th and December 15th. Between December 15th and now the central government has resorted to bullying tactics of filing cases, foreign fund allegations, agressive media campaigns providing money to main stream media etc… In the mean time Manmohan Sigh went to Russia and issued a statement on Dcember 16th that the plant will be commissioned in two weeks time. He visited Tamil Nadu in December end and is said to have struck a deal with the state government on the Koodankulam Issue. The minster of state at the Prime Ministers office has been issuing statemens that the plant will become operational with state government assistance soon. Indication on this regard has been given by representatives of Nuclear Power Corporation India Limited as well. Along with all this Congress has been staging various protests demanding for the opening of the Koodankulam Plant. Meanwhile the protests by the locals in and around Koodankulam and in the southern districts of Tamil Nadu have not subsided at all. Pushparayan and Jesuraj are the two representatives from the movement who are part of the state panel interacting with the Central Government Panel set up to address the concerns of the people and prove that the plant has no impact on local environment, livelihood, health and is safe in all aspects.

Issued By
Koodankulam Anti Nuclear Protest Support Group Kerala
08547698740, 09847439290, 09447218282

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