Shabnam Hashmi detained and released in Gujarat, Citizens demand intervention

GODHRA: Shabnam Hashmi, the founder of NGO Anhad and five other activists were detained by Gujarat police today when they tried to enter Godhra, where Chief Minister Narendra Modi is camping for his 23rd Sadbhavana fast.

Hashmi’s NGO had organised a programme ‘In Search Of Justice’, parallel to Modi’s show in Godhra, the ground zero of Gujarat riots of 2002. Hashmi had organised the programme to protest Sadbhavana fast.

Even as Modi’s sat on the day-long fast, Hashmi’s vehicle was intercepted on Ahmedabad-Godhra highway about eight kilometres from Godhra. The six activists were then taken to Kheda police station.

Hashmi was supposed to address a gathering in Mohammedi Colony in Saatpool area on Friday morning. Her supporters had expected that the cops would detain her. But they had gathered near the spot of the programme. A large presence of policemen in Mohammedi Colony on Friday morning ensured that the protestors were detained.

Speaking to newzfirst Shabnam Hashmi said that more than fifty activists were detained and taken to different districts.

She said that this convention mobilized lot of people in Godhra and its surrounding fearing this Modi didnot wanted it to happen as large chunk of minority would attend this convention

This is the question of democracy not to allow any form of dissent, she added

Concerned citizens have lodged a protest against and condemned the arrest of Shabnam Hashmi, and other Anhad Activists by Gujarat Police. In a Press Release issued by concerned citizens, the incident has been called a ‘yet another fascistic act of Mr Narandra Modi.’

They have further condemned the blatant use of Gujarat police force to spread fear and gather crowd for Modi’s programme and demanded that Home Minister, P Chidambaram should immediately intervene and ensure that democracy is restored in Gujarat.

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